Growing in the Love of God


Grace in Motion

Planting Seeds of Hope

Planting Seeds of Hope

Share and express the 

Love of God in Dance!


Planting Seeds of Hope

Planting Seeds of Hope

Planting Seeds of Hope

We place Christ Jesus at the centre of everything our students do and learn


For the Glory of God

Planting Seeds of Hope

For the Glory of God

We are a faith-based dance school that provides excellence in Classical Ballet training within an encouraging and nurturing environment.

World-Class Dance Education


Ballet Magnificat!   Deliver Us!

Under the blazing Egyptian sun within the shadow of the pyramids, the enslaved Jewish people cry out for a deliverer. One man, Moses, challenges Pharaoh and leads the people to freedom - a vivid prophetic picture pointing to the Easter story of what Jesus Christ did on Calvary. 

“Why tell fairy tales when you can bring to the stage such an alluring story of courage and faith that will challenge us to the core?” 

Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet


he Classical Ballet Tradition provides the Foundation for all other dance forms when dancers are well trained.  The CCoD training will enable students to transfer their skills and knowledge into jazz, modern, contemporary, acrobatics or any other dance/movement form (see Artistic Director BIO). 

All students will have the opportunity to learn Authentic Repertoire from Traditional Classical Ballets!

Creative thinking skills are developed through dance as well as learning the value of discipline, commitment and work ethic.

 Move with grace, generosity, freedom and confidence, grow in discipline, excel with finesse, improve overall strength, memory, health, posture and flexibility, acquire physical speed, achieve physical and mental balance.      

FIT-for-JESUS (Adult Ballet)

Adult ballet includes seniors. Dance helps you stay physically active.  For those who suffer from conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis, basic ballet technique can help you feel younger, more agile and work to combat muscle atrophy and grease your joints. Ballet also increases circulation, improves overall mobility, and most of all, it’s fun! If you’re bored with traditional aerobic exercise like walking or going station to station at the gym, try a beginner ballet class.

Ballet provides mental stimulation and exercises your muscles with its vast array of gentle combinations. It teaches you how to count music, be aware of weight distribution and refine coordination.  


Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet


World-class Individual Instruction~Professional Career Mentorship~Coaching~Competition Training & Preparation~Private Lessons~Health & Wellness Educational Program~Teacher Training~Student Internship

While excellence in Dance training is crucial to our Mission, we believe that our calling as Educators goes well beyond technique.  Our curriculum supports the development of the whole student within a biblical, nurturing, educational and family environment.  The breadth and depth of the education and training that we provide, coupled with the expertise and support of our connection to world-class Dance Educators makes it possible for us to offer unparalleled ballet training and dance education programs of the highest standard for a wide range of students.  

POTENTIAL STUDENTS: We accept and welcome students of diverse ages, abilities, religious, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.  

EVENTS:  Stay tuned for upcoming Workshops, Open House, Summer Camps, Summer Intensives and Master Classes with internationally acclaimed Master Teachers.

DANCE DISCOVERY  At the discretion of the Artistic Director, CCoD incorporates other dance styles.  Although Classical Ballet Theory is our foundational training, we also teach Pas de Deux(partnering), Pointe, Jazz, Modern, Liturgical, Tap, Hip-Hop, Acrobatic Arts, Creative Movement, Social and culturally specific genres such as Ballroom, Character, Irish, Messianic and African praise! 


Classical Ballet




"Our dance is an offering to The LORD in service to one another, our community and the world." 

It is our heart's desire to inspire and sustain a love of God, love for each other, a passion for prayer and a heart for praise and worship of the One God + 

DANCE MINISTRY is the process by which we use our gift of Dance to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ as ambassadors to minister reconciliation  to the lost and broken and to encourage, comfort and edify the saints in the Faith.  

Current & future ministries include church worship services, senior homes, hospitals, hospices, schools, community events, and the opportunity for student exchanges both nationally and internationally. 

RECITAL: All students participate in our year-endDance Offering at a local theater to perform for family, friends, the community and an Audience of ONE!





"Ronda has always impressed me with her unquestionable vocation; she speaks of being 'chosen'~of God calling her to was always clear that Ronda wasn't seeking fame or applause with her dancing.  Her quest was and is linked with her remarkable talent, in developing her spirituality with a refined and incandescent vocabulary.  Ronda is luminous, with her spiritual vitality, reflection of joy, and her humility.  Nevertheless, she merges leadership abilities together with her unswerving passion for God and love of worship.  She is hardworking, recognizes the personal need for forgiveness and most important, Ronda knows how to laugh, she has a terrific sense of humor.  Coming from the ballet, she is utterly committed to the collective, yet never allows herself to be perceived as rarified and separated by her rank or profession.  She is compassionate  empathetic and has been the perfect person on several occasions to have on my team in a supporting role.  Ronda has a mixture of generosity and spiritual vitality, which makes her a natural teacher.  Ronda is worthy of the trust that has already been placed in her and she is committed to her calling...Ronda is worthy." 

~ Veronica Tennant C.C. Prima Ballerina-The National Ballet of Canada 1964-1989, Filmaker, Director, Author, Public Speaker, Ambassador UNICEF~ 






"The beauty of Ronda's generous and venerable spirit combined with her incredible dancing gift is not to be overlooked!"~ Martin Meng (International Master Teacher/Coach: National Ballet of Canada, Dutch National Ballet, Staatts Ballett Berlin, National Ballet Gdansk)

"I have a great deal of respect and faith in Ronda, as an Artist, woman, and creative spirit.  She is one of the biggest talents I have ever worked with.  Ronda is completely dedicated to the art form.  Ronda inspires us all." ~ Dominique Dumais (Internationally Acclaimed Choreographer: National Ballet of Canada, Co-Director: Mannheim Ballet)

"you gave me the joy of loving ballet and I could never thank you enough.  You never gave up on me." ~ Jacquelyn Easson (student)

"Thank you for all you have done for me...for always being a positive light for everyone, you truly could make a bad day turn into a good one.  Though I've only had the opportunity to work with you for 1.5 yrs. I've grown more than I''ve ever imagined as a dancer and student.  You saw potential in me that I never thought I had.  I will cherish everything you taught me." ~ Kiera Roberts (student)

"It amazes me the impact that you have had on us in such a short time. I have to say I love everything about you, Ronda.  You have a contagious personality and a beautiful loving soul.  We are all so happy that we had the chance to learn from one of the best teachers God put breath into and that I have ever met in all my years of teaching." ~ Heather Lynn (Director/Owner: That's Dancing) 





1.  Do I have to be a Christian to attend The Conservatory? 

Being a faith-based dance school simply means that we operate on Biblical principles and seek to create an environment that fosters love for God and  love for others.  You do not have to be a Christian to attend or appreciate the value of what we have to offer.

NOTE: We accept and welcome students of diverse ages, abilities, religious, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.  

2.  Do I have to be a particular Christian denomination? 

CCoD is not affiliated with a church or specific denomination. We are believers that The Bible is the Word of God.  We believe in the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.  

3.  What ages do you teach? 

CCoD provides classes for ages 2 to  adults/seniors. 

From Seedlings to Saints! 

3-4 yrs. ~ Mustard Seeds 

4-5 yrs ~ Sprouts 

6-7 yrs ~ Roots 

7-9 yrs ~ Seedlings

8-11 yrs ~ Blessings 

11-12 yrs ~ Faithful 

12-14 yrs ~ Praise

14-17 yrs ~ Rejoice

17-21 yrs ~ Hallelujah 

Agape Pointe ~ (Levels to be determined by Artistic Director)

Fit-for-Jesus (Adult Ballet) ~ Saints

Sit & Fit ~ Wise Saints 


Available for Dancers seeking a professional dance career: 

Pre-Professional Coaching, Private Instruction, Mentorship, Dance Career Counseling 

Teacher Training and Internships 

(Please send resume)

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Serving you, the community and the world!


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